As digitization progresses in Poland, the requirements that the state sets for public administration bodies are increasing. An example is the Ministry of National Defense, which recently announced a tender in the field of modern delivery of court letters. The ministry would like to confirm the receipt of registered parcels (mainly court orders) by means of a biometric signature. The biggest national postal operator Polish Post, cooperated with Stermedia to undertake the task of creating a system that implements these (and other) changes.


Picture of mobile application for Polish Post




The main challenge in the case of the Mobile Postman project was to create an electronic system with a biometric signature and GPS tracking and then to integrate the application with existing Polish Post (Poczta Polska) systems.

The traditional way of delivering postal items was insufficient when law and court items were concerned. It generated problems such as a high return of letters of a judicial nature, too slow delivery, and no possibility to track delivery attempts. The signature on paper or electronic signature saved only a trace. It did not include GPS coordinates of the signer, or data on the pressure, angle, or strength of signing. Another important challenge was the reduction of paper consumption – a concern of Polish Post in light of caring for the environment.




The solution to the challenge was Stermedia’s design of a three-tier application with a GPS module. 

The main app asset is a biometric signature which is a handwritten signature placed on a document. The effective signing of an electronic document consisted of a dedicated tablet and special software enabling its faithful reproduction in electronic form and binding to the document in the system. It also requires the pen to communicate with the tablet by sending a packet of reliable information. Stermedia provided 

The tracking challenge was solved by creating a GPS module that verifies the location of the delivery agent. In the new model, each postman’s activity is verified by the application using GPS. If the postman does not find the recipient at home, he or she marks it in the system and adds information about the notice left. The application verifies the accuracy of this data.

Stermedia developers have also integrated the system with the internal directory service of Poczta Polska – Active Directory. This application, dedicated to the Windows system, is used to authorize users (in this case, postmen). The postmen received from their employer – Poczta Polska – a login and password to log into the system and thus register their activities such as collecting signatures and deliveries.





Postmen use the application not only for the needs of the judiciary. With the help of tablets, it is possible to accept payments for home fees, to top-up phones, deliver money transfers and to provide other services.

As the spokesman of Polish Post adds, due to the fact that the use of devices is not difficult, and even frees you from the need to develop traditional paper receipt confirmation forms (EPO), the total time for delivery of a registered parcel will not be extended.



  • 27,000 active users since 2015
  • Application for tablets with Windows 8.1 Pro and smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10
  • GPS locator
  • Integration with Active Directory