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How Technology Keeps Families Closer Than Ever

Is it possible to create custom software for better relation at family? Let’s check! First, imagine you have to spend one day without your phone. Probably among others, you felt a bit of the anxiety about lack of contact with your closest.  At least, digitalization touches every generation. 


FamilyApp – a mobile application designed and create by Stermedia


What makes people comfortable to interact is the right context? Obviously, delivering the right message at the right time and messaging to the audience might be not enough.  FamilyApp let’s grow your business network by using artificial intelligence in the context of family life. Indeed, close relatives can be closer by using the network to chat and building family channels where they share events or articles. Thanks to those dedicated platforms they can also safely interact with your brand and services.  This includes affiliate offers. Seeing that, marketers have a perfect place to provide offers to the best-tailored personas-household members by this kind of custom software.


Our client – Family Fabric provided an initial piece of application which had been created by an external company. In brief, Stermedia was asked for analyzing its the effectiveness. Thus, the results of the code review were not satisfying. So, family Fabric decided to change former provider to Stermedia.

Consequently, Family Fabric’s goal was to create a safe and friendly ecosystem for families by: improving family communication. Moreover by enable shopping together in trusted places and provide safe content to children and parents



After consultations, there were taken decisions about technologies and platforms. As a result, we developed some custom software:  mobile application and web service FamilyApp.

So, the platforms contain:

  1. Threads – user can chat 1:1 and in groups (secured by End-to-End encryption) or share links and events
  2. Channels – user can share thematic articles like recipes, parenting tips, public events and signup forms pre-populated with accurate family data
  3. Events – user can create and share private events
  4. Fabric – managing family settings by changing pictures or adding and removing new family members



To sum up, below you’ll find technologies which project uses:

Mobile (Android and iOS) as below:

Technologies: React Native

Continuous integration: Bitrise

Database: async storage


Tests: Manul tests


CMS (component channels) include:

Technologies:  Python Django (backend) and React (frontend)

Continuous integration: GitLab Ci

Database: Postgres

Tests: Django e2e test (backend)



Technologies: Ruby on Rails

Continuous integration: GitLab Ci

Database: Postgres

Tests: Rspec, capybara

At least, the application is still developing by Stermedia experts in SCRUM methodology.



‘I stared work with Stermedia 2 years ago with another project. We’re really impressed by the quality of the developers here.’ – said Thomas Lyons, Co-founder and Head of Innovation and Dev Ops – At any rate I’d recommend Stermedia to a friend or colleague because I know they are very reliable and they do a very good work.’


At last project lasted for 68 months or 11 341 hour with 6 people team.



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Marta Miszczak
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