Industry Insight from the Inaugural Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0 Workshop

Together with guests from Volkswagen, Bosch, Microsoft, TÜV SÜD, and Astor, we shared a lot of knowledge and experience of AI in Industry 4.0.

  What is Artificial Intelligence? How can it be used in modern industries? Participants of the workshop 'Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0' tried to answer such questions. The organizers named the event 'the workshop' for a reason; an open and question-friendly formula characterized the event and encouraged the exchange of knowledge between participants.  

Center for Research and Development of Modern Technologies in Grzymysławice, Poland

  The inaugural workshop took place in the Center for Research and Development of Modern Technologies in Grzymysławice, Poland on June, 11th 2019. Stermedia was happy to participate in organizing and preparing the event with famous production brands represented by Volkswagen, Bosch, Microsoft, TÜV SÜD, and Astor.   “We try to introduce modern solutions to optimize not only production, but also administrative processes” said Szymon Trzebiatowski from Volkswagen. “We are thinking about bots and other solutions that digitize our processes. It is definitely a place where we see a lot of opportunities and a great future.”   The event was honored by five excellent speakers who zoomed in on the details of Artificial Intelligence in modern industries. Keynote speaker Michał Krasoń, a Data Scientist from Stermedia, shared his knowledge about Machine Learning from basic definitions to advanced case studies such as nitrous oxide emissions in turbines and anomaly detection from video streams. His excellent speech inspired the audience to ask questions and discuss the application of predictive maintenance in the production line.  
Damian Fryska - Deputy Branch Director, Specialist for Automatic Control Systems, Astor

Damian Fryska - Deputy Branch Director, Specialist for Automatic Control Systems, Astor

  The next speaker, Marcin Zientara, Ph.D., from pSci, talked about the optimization of processes as a function of resources, competencies, and measures of their evaluation. His topic was interesting especially to those who need to increase ROI and boost enterprises’ profits. Production company representatives were also curious about how Deep Learning could help in their particular problems with performance.   Thanks to Agnieszka Kiewicz, Project Manager, and speaker from AndonCloud, we could compare different approaches to the optimization of production processes. Agnieszka told us how to increase production efficiency through visualization of indicators.    Currently, a big interest has also aroused around Augmented Reality in industry. Marek Stojecki, CEO of xBerry, presented interesting examples of its usage in factories. One of them was the case of Japanese robots designed to support elderly people. Thanks to Marek’s speech, it was easier to imagine not only the role of Artificial Intelligence, but also a virtual and augmented reality in industries.   “New technologies support the production processes so the conclusion is that the units which want to develop faster need to collaborate with IT companies,” said Piotr Krajewski, CEO, Stermedia. “By collecting information from big data, using data science, and deep learning together, we could create a new level of competitiveness.”   Last but not least, we saw a presentation about aerodynamic flow simulation on graphics accelerators. Łukasz Mirosław, Ph. D., from Azure HPC and Big Compute Specialist, Microsoft and SpeedIT, explained how to speed up verification of new virtual prototypes in order to make savings during the testing phase. Using simulations Łukasz could easily present examples and make them easily understood by the audience.   Based on the vivid discussions between the speeches, the workshop brought a lot of new information and encouraged attendees to share their own experiences.  

Marta Miszczak
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