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Lightning Talks: Text Algorithms and Streamlit

On January 18, 2021, the first workshop in the “Lightning Talks” series took place at Stermedia. It is a grassroots initiative of colleagues from development teams consisting in sharing knowledge in the form of short online meetings.

Ins And Outs of Text Algorithms

The first initiating meeting was conducted by our colleague, winner of many international AI competitions (including Deadline24 – international team programming marathon; the competition consisted of a competition of three-person teams that were struggling with algorithmic tasks), data scientist Jaroslaw Kwiecień. Jarosław told us about ins and outs of text algorithms.

“As programmers, we have a lot of text-processing tools at their disposal, but we usually don’t know how exactly they work” – says Jarosław. He gently walked us through Knuth – Morris – Pratt algorithm, which is an efficient way of searching for patterns in a long string. After showing how it works, he said a word about its practical use cases.

Lightning Fast Data Science Prototyping with Streamlit


The second meeting was conducted on January 25, 2021 by another data scientist Maciej Pawlikowski, who also takes part in international competitions in the field of AI and ML (see the report from Kaggle Days China 2019). Maciej told us about “Lightning fast data science prototyping with Streamlit“.


‘Today we saw Streamlit – says Maciej – a very fast and simple Python web framework for data science prototyping. It has a lot of built-in widgets supporting popular libraries, like plotly, pandas or spaCy.’ In literally a few minutes we can build a usable web app presenting the results of our data science work. We easily deploy it, show it to the client and gather immediate feedback.

Both meetings last 45 minutes – 15 minutes are dedicated to the presentation and the remaining time for discussion. This short form allows you to maintain maximum attention with a lot of time for asking questions and dispelling doubts. It also attracts many participants. Thanks to the clarity of the message, also non-AI / ML people had the opportunity to understand and learn new skills. 

More events from the ‘Lightning Talks’ series are ahead of us. On February 1, Michał Krasoń will perform, who will talk about MLflow. Stay tuned!

Marta Miszczak
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