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[ONLINE CONFERENCE] Look at Industry 4.0 from three perspectives of practitioners


Look at Industry 4.0 from three perspectives of practitioners

Industry 4.0 changes the future of production thanks to modern technologies and management methods. The fourth industrial revolution opens the opportunity for factories to improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage. It also raises dilemmas for factory managers: How to introduce innovations? How much to invest Where to start the digital transformation?

Industry 4.0 – Made in Wroclaw is an online conference opening a series of events dedicated to innovation in production. We will look at Industry 4.0 from three perspectives of practitioners: a large factory, technology suppliers and an organization facilitating entry into the industry of the future. The speakers will share practical examples of implementations and point out what mistakes to avoid in the process of introducing innovations.

The conference is addressed to managers and specialists who are looking for inspiration to introduce Industry 4.0 in their factories. We will present innovations implemented mainly by companies from Lower Silesia, but we invite people from all over Poland to participate, because Wrocław is a city open to people and technologies.



The conference opens a series of events Industry 4.0 – Made in Wroclaw, dedicated to innovation in production. Webinars will be devoted to modern technologies, such as robotization, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, 3D printing, internet of things, digital twins, migration to the cloud and cyber security.



Każda fabryka: mały zakład czy duża wytwórnia ma procesy, które można usprawnić dzięki cyfryzacji czy automatyzacji. Pokażemy przykłady prostych zmian i złożonych wdrożeń

Artur Karda

Dyrektor ds. Transformacji Cyfrowej w (współorganizator konferencji), trener Fundacji Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości

Marta Miszczak
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