Coming up with a concrete idea for an application is one thing, bringing the project to fruition and come alive in business cases is quite a different story.
In ProxiCloud project, Stermedia team was tasked to provide users with relevant information depending on their location. For example, during the soccer match, relevant information from mobile network operator would be displayed on the phone that the use can use. For the movie-goers -the user will get information about the additional promotional items when buying popcorn with a discount for the selected product in a nearby store.

During the implementation of ProxiCloud, Stermedia team conducted an audit of the source code, and then managed the development (using Ruby on Rails) of the administration panel, which was to designed to implement campaigns based on geolocation of the smartphones using the basis of wi-fi or beacons. In the admin panel developed by Stermedia team, the user marked areas (e.g., around a given beacon) in which a specific message or advertising content was to be available.

“Thanks to developers from Stermedia who managed to save the project that was very vulnerable; today we can further develop this product and build our own in-house team”, says Pawel Prociow, head of ProxiCloud.