Thanks to Marcin Wierzbicki from the company Appstery, all eager Stermedia employees can take part in a series of training with Scrum – agile project management methodology. The whole training will consist of four levels: 1. Introduction to SCRUM. 2. Scrum – Artifacts, roles and responsibilities. 3. Scrum Developer. 4. Scrum Master. We have had already 2 meetings. Each of the past meetings for many of us was a challenge. And we love the challenge and we continues to improve. We can not wait another … And here’s a brief photo report of our  SCRUM’s meetings.
SCRUM is light methodology, nimble (ang. Agile Project Management), consistent with The Agile Manifesto, which significantly accelerates the implementation of the task while maintaining expectations and customer requirements. The methodology focuses on:
  • delivering the next, more and more elaborate project results to the client
  • turning to the future users in the manufacturing process,
  • self-organization project team.
The progress of work will be able to keep up to date on the test environment. Binding is done by design communication issued by dedicated project management environment. In addition, when receiving stage/sprint you can schedule a conference call or other direct meeting.