Stermedia in TV

We are pleased to announce that Stermedia has appeared as a guest on TVP Wrocław. In the tv programm "Czas na pracę! Praca na czasie!" are discussed widely understood problems in the labor market. The authors present and analyze changes in the Polish economy after joining the European Union, as the economy adjusts to the European and global standards, as well as Polish entrepreneurs cope in times of crisis and economic slowdown. We talked about our company programms i.e. the "IT Mom - Playing for intership". You can listen to interesting conversations, see our office and get to know us better. The meeting was attended by: Paul Siciński - The Sales Director of Stermedia, Liliana Sicińska - from the Association of Large Families 3 Plus and also IT Mom -Anna Miloch, which takes its internship with us. The program was emitted on 31/08/2015, on Monday, at 16:30 in TVP Wrocław.

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