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Stermedia is partner of the project ‘Moms in IT’

Young moms are looking for new job opportunities. If you wish to combine work with motherhood and you are ready to learn something new draft a project proposal check "Mama IT – game of internship". The project offers internships in IT companies, free training and specialized courses in the field testing of applications, and - in effect - a chance to work in IT. Stermedia is a partner in the project.   Family and Entrepreneurship Foundation (FRIP) in collaboration with the Association of Large Families 3 Plus (ZDR3 +) invite moms from Wroclaw to look for new job opportunities for participation in the new project "Moms in IT - play an internship". The project is financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy to support women, which, due to motherhood are inactive. Maternity and parental leave are often the cause of the loss of an interesting job and promotion. Such a work stoppage may, however, be a great opportunity to verify their skills and aspirations of a dream job. Motherhood may also be the best moment in the lives of young women in training or learning completely new tools. The project is part of the mission of FRIP or initiating and supporting the entrepreneurship of Polish families and in the priorities ZDR3 + to promote a positive image of the family. - In the IT industry we are looking for workers with specific skills and also predisposition characterological: people with analytical abilities, meticulous and thorough, patient, able to notice details and draw conclusions - says Piotr Krajewski, CEO of Stermedia - Women, the mother of such predispositions may be great testers applications because their perception is different than programming specialists. - Working mom not only enriches the household budget but also retains the motivation to develop their competence. There is also authority for their children who are learning to recognize the value of work and the ability to connect her with family life - says Lilianna Sicińska from the Association of Large Families 3 Plus - Mothers with many children are in a particularly difficult professional situation and to them also addressed the project. - We prepared this project for women excluded from the labor market by analyzing areas in which few women take the job, such as the IT industry - says Natasha Marcinkiewicz from Family Foundation and Entrepreneurship - Employers in the IT industry have convinced us that the job opportunities for women are among them huge. In this project we give so moms specific tools enabling them to work, "or specialized course for IT application testers completed the exam and internships in companies. The first stage of the project is the conference "The IT sector as an opportunity for the friendly workplace and a new job experience" on June 25 at the SWPS at ul. Ostrowski 30b. The speakers will be experts: Elizabeth Sawczuk business coach, trainer and Application Tester Labinske Catherine and Matthew Stefaniak, IT administrator.   The next steps are internships in IT companies and a course certificate ISTQB Certified Tester ending Foundation Level. Courses and exams will carry out the project authorized training company platform. Registration for the conference and recruitment for the project on

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