Stermedia Progresses at GoodFirms by Proffering Excellent Artificial Intelligence Services

Helping clients with digital transformation through custom AI and software solutions bequeath Stermedia amongst the top artificial intelligence service providers in Poland at GoodFirms.

Stermedia Progresses at GoodFirms by Proffering Excellent Artificial Intelligence Services

Established in 2009 and based in Wroclaw, Poland, today, Stermedia is the dominant provider of innovative software technology solutions and real-time intelligence capabilities for manufacturing, HR and media. Bound to out-of-the-box thinking, the exploration, and adoption of the latest technologies, Stermedia is dedicated to driving a goal-oriented digital solutions. Since its inception, Stermedia has been helping organizations and startups throughout Europe and the US to produce robust applications, including AI, with user-friendly UX and UI.


Stermedia’s expert groups trained histopathological scanners to identify cancer fast, with over 89% accuracy. Moreover, the team elevated efficiency in a German car factory by 23% and propelled an early warning system for catastrophic issues in Poland. 86% of the customers chose Stermedia based on recommendations. Instituted upon an over 10-year systematic foundation of in-depth practical knowledge, expertise, and IT understanding, Stermedia is uniquely positioned in the AI services ecosystem. It help its users reimagine procedures, modernize business methods and capture profitability.

GoodFirms Research Process


Instituted in Washington, DC, GoodFirms is a research and reviews online carrier that rates different B2B enterprises for outlining the tasks of the service-seekers by making them fertile. The evaluation method is based on important methods – Quality, Reliability, and Ability.


Likewise, GoodFirms research unit also evaluated Stermedia and asserted it as one of the leading artificial intelligence service providers in Poland at GoodFirms. The team also concluded that the firm would soon lead as the top software development and website design companies in the USA and Poland, respectively. 

The following is the excerpt from the evaluation report of Stermedia made by GoodFirms.


An Unlikely Relationship with AI


Creating a strong business based on technology is necessary for many companies. The data science experts at Stermedia practices AI consulting, technology based on analytical models and algorithms to support clients efficiently. The team at Stermedia build a custom AI solution and prepare a detailed implementation strategy with various deployment synopses, covering potential future improvements. Moreover, the expert group starts AI product development by assembling requirements and setting time frames, then creates a step-by-step product roadmap, from analytical research through final product optimization. 

Besides this, the trained and qualified AI experts design a neat AI solution relying on dynamic data design and optimal developmental form by mixing deep expertise in cutting-edge AI technologies with experience delivering AI solutions. Thus, by integrating AI into business solutions successfully for clients, Stermedia has made its mark among the top artificial intelligence companies in Poland at GoodFirms.

Smart Solutions


Successful adoption of technologies requires vision, and after Stermedia brought relevant stakeholders on board with a specific vision, it is usually better to begin with pilot projects with realistic aims and room for experimentation. Transforming clients’ business ideas into tangible business outcomes requires strong technical knowledge and expertise across industries. With solid administration practices and solution engineering skills, Stermedia smoothly guides clients through digital transformation, keeping their company agile from detailed specifications discussion to deployment and optimization.

It is a great honor and a privilege to be distinguished as top artificial intelligence services provider in Poland. Thanks GoodFirms!


Piotr Krajewski

CEO, Stermedia

No matter how complex clients’ vision, the team makes it alive with proven digital engineering solutions. Custom-built application software built by Stermedia helps clients to align their business processes and workflows. They also allow clients to concentrate on essential business subjects and procedures with the help of technology and enhanced performance. Thus, producing tailor-made applications capable of serving as exquisite customized solutions to meet clients’ business-specific needs would soon facilitate Stermedia amongst the top software development companies in the USA listed at GoodFirms.



Significant International Presence


Responsive web design is a contemporary approach to web designing. As managers in responsive web design at Stermedia, a team of expert designers and developers understand the website demands of the clients so as to accouche high-quality, responsive web design competent of engaging customers across all devices like mobile and tablet. At Stermedia, the artistic team is committed to rendering a functionally rich website design to the customers. The group works with the clients to give them different features for their website design, such as performance, cross-browser flexibility, device-agnostic, and user-centric websites. Thus, outfitted with a group of talented designers committed to deliver the latest and advanced web designs; would soon endow Stermedia amongst the top web design companies at GoodFirms.




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