System for resources managemenet

Booked - it's very simple, but perfectly functioning system for booking. The application has a very flexible layout, extensive administration panel and a very simple user interface. Using the Booked you can book practically everything must be booked in another organization: from boardrooms through laboratory equipment to the cars or even airplanes Key features of the system are:
  1. Independence of the server operating system
  2. Easy to use and manage
  3. Environment that can be easily extended by writing additional plugins or modules
  4. Easily integrates with your calendar in Outlook or Google Calendar
  5. Integration with LDAP and Active Directory
  6. Friendly reporting system
  7. Precise definition of the roles and powers
  8. Support multilingualism and multiculturalism
The application is free (open source) and available under the GPL license. More information you can found at:  

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