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The Future of Traditional Industry in the Digital World – Generation 4.0 Conference

New technologies are more and more boldly entering the world of Polish industry and are more and more appreciated by factory managers

Thanks to appropriate cooperation in the above-mentioned areas, increasing competitiveness and saving losses on the production line or better-managing human talents. For managers working in factories, machine learning, IoT, augmented reality or big data constitute an inexhaustible potential to deliver value to customers at an unprecedented pace. It must not be forgotten that the most important aspect of an organization’s promotion to a higher generation is generation 4.0. They are self-development workers who are key to fully exploiting the breakthrough technology.


Support with expert knowledge

It is worth talking about these and other aspects of new technologies in the industry. Therefore, as a company with many years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, Stermedia joins the ranks of speakers at the Generation 4.0 conference.

Together, we discuss, inter alia, how the company’s motivation and culture affect the increase of talent retention, and when pointing to new professions, we mention those that belong to the dying species. Together with other participants, we predict the creation of a whole generation of intelligent factories for the Polish economy. We also look at how Lean and other improvement methodologies fit into a broader development strategy and what the black swan of the pandemic has taught us about digital transformation and the advancement of several generations to the world of Generation Z.


How to avoid errors on the production line


It is worth remembering to look for examples of digital transformation in people who are close to the daily challenges of professional factory managers.

The work environment and development prospects can be seen completely differently through the eyes of an artificial intelligence provider for the industrial sector. Therefore, one of the speakers at the Generation 4.0 conference is Marcin Wierzbicki – CTO Stermedia and CEO AndonCloud. Marcin shares the challenges from his own experience interweaving them with the stories he hears from his clients.

He talks about the five biggest mistakes you can make when implementing artificial intelligence in your factory at the conference. Thanks to problems taken from his own experience and clients’ fascinating stories, he can advise the best solutions. The cause-and-effect analysis carried out by him allows specifying whether, how, and when it is worth starting the implementation and successfully implementing machine learning in a selected factory.

A wide range of possibilities

A speech on the top five mistakes you can make when implementing artificial intelligence in your factory is not the only topic discussed at the Generation 4.0 conference. It also discusses the aspects of overcoming barriers and human deficits on the way to the standard of the fourth industrial revolution, explains how a small manufacturing company accelerated customer service, optimized production, and revolutionized its own operations using Epicor ERP and European Union funding, or how to effectively prepare for the implementation of 5G in the manufacturing plant. A very wide spectrum of topics allows for a holistic look at the 21st-century production plant. Knowing all the above aspects, we can take our company to a higher level.


Marta Miszczak
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