Cooperation with Wroclaw University of Technology

Stermedia company signed a cooperation agreement with Wroclaw University of Technology - Department of Fundamental Problems of Technology. Both for the University and for Stermedia written off agreement is an opportunity for development. The university will have access interesting commercial projects. Students of Department of Fundamental Problems of Technology will have the opportunity of holding practical training in an innovative IT company. But for Stermedia relationship with the university is a chance to touch with the latest trends and directions of research related to the specialization of the company. 26_05_2015_PWR_wspolpraca_www The agreement is part of the development strategy of our company - says Piotr Krajewski, CEO of Stermedia - In the near future we want to focus on technology development related to the analysis and pattern recognition techniques or advanced identity verification and documents. Cooperation with the Technical University will allow us to be close to the latest research in this field.   The university every day engaged in research, cooperation with commercial companies allows University to translate the results of commercial applications - said prof. Miroslaw Kutyłowski, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology in Wroclaw Uniwersity of Technology - In addition, our students will be able to take an active part in creating software that is the result of research. At the same time it will be possible to continue research on the products developed by Stermedia. Under the signed agreement Stermedia and University committed to mutual support in the course of their business. One of the effects of the signed agreement will be supporting the development of competencies in the Lower Silesia region in the field of advanced information technology applications and strengthen the position of Wroclaw University of Technoloy and Stermedia the global market for innovation. In cooperation will also be possible to apply for grants for research projects - development within the framework of EU and national funds.

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