Robotic Process Automation & Intelligent Automation

Newest Solutions in Processes Robotization Provided by Dedicated Co-brand Stermedia Automation

Robotic Process Automation & Intelligent Automation.

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Robotic & Intelligent Automation

Within Stermedia we established a daughter company dedicated for in intelligent automation and robotization. 30% increased automation pipeline and 60% reduction in the time of business analysis in terms of the potential assessment and selection of processes of candidates for robotization.


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We implement robotization projects,
among others based on platform solutions (Top 3 Gartner) and the methodology of assessing the potential of robotization, using automated business process discovery tools.


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Each Customer has their own business priorities, requirements, and expectations. That’s why we offer you a free consultation to help find the most valuable and impactful way haw to use RPA and Intelligent Automation.

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