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17 January 2022

Revolutionizing the Recruitment Process Using Machine Learning

Read about a new platform taht could revolutionize the IT recruitment process. Check how AI supports HR processes.
27 December 2021

Beating Cancer With Women’s Health Supporting App

Today, cancer prevention is easier thanks to new technologies. Mobile application developed with the participation of Nationale-Nederlanden.
14 December 2021

Technology Cares for the Welfare of Farm Animals

The application dedicated to increase the level of animal care supported by new technologies. Read more about Cow Monitor app.
4 June 2021

Prediction of Potential Errors in the Early Production Process

Read how to create predictive models that provide information about possible problems that can be remedied in a timely manner.
1 June 2021

Car Production Improved with Artificial Intelligence Predictions

Read how we used machine learning to help the global automotive market brand to improve prediction of material consumption.
28 January 2021

Smart Ways to Improve the Recruitment Management System

Read about dynamically changing HR industry wanting constantly improve the recruitment process. Check how to be a step ahead the competitors.
1 October 2020

Presentation of 3000 Records a Day in an Accessible Way

Find out how process a huge amount of data and compare them in a chosen time interval and units in an easy way.
3 September 2020

Food Delivery Efficiency Increased by 10% Thanks to Machine Learning

Check out how our client has improved the process of finding available drivers as quickly as possible and increased delivery speed by 10%.
31 August 2020

Pros of a Machine Learning Matching System for HR

Finding a valuable job is a life goal for most people in the world. However, not only employees have the […]
25 May 2020

System for Planning Scenarios of Clinical Trials

Check how to plan the experiments that will determine if the drug is effective and safe with unstructured data available.
29 April 2020

Train Ticket Purchase Process for 100m Passengers

Read about the integration of all parts of the system includes ticket offices, mobile sales terminals, booking platform, and more.
24 September 2019

Biometric Signature Navigation App for 27k Postmen in Europe

Check how a custom, navigation app with a GPS module helps postmen and top polish post provider improve their actions.

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