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Stermedia takes the extra step that makes the difference. We strongly believe that the final outcome of any recruitment process is not just hiring the candidate with the right qualifications. It’s building a team designed for the challange.

It’s building a team designed for the challenge. Our experience comes from more than 15 years of experience where we screen and interview hundreds of applicants a year. We have learnt by practice that the factor which determines success is to build a fully functional team around business - not the other way around.

We build, manage and take care of dedicated IT teams so it feels like their members were always there.


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Rare skill sets

We work with highly skilled and specialized developers on a daily basis. Collaborate with us to get such an advantage


We take care of all matters. From legal, fiscal and administrative to tax reliefs and cultural differences.


Business has to be flexible and we know it. We adjust everything accordingly to your needs.

Team Augmentation

We're hiring, building, and contributing for the long term. We use our expertise and extensive knowledge to build your new, successful branch.


On average we deliver a fully verified competence-based team within 5 weeks.


You work with people, not the process. Every solution we provide is tailor-made.


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Team building & hiring

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What is it?

Team augmentation allows companies to tap into a pool of highly skilled IT professionals at a lower cost compared to hiring locally.


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