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AI, Machine and Deep learning

We extract knowledge from the Data and Images - Data Science. We design algorithms, build models and tools to extract knowledge (Data Mining, deep and machine learning) with large amounts of data (Big Data).

Mobile and Web Development

We create great, fast, secure web applications to help achieve your business goals. We cover backend and frontend using top and most innovative tech stacks and of course we build native apps for iOS and Android platform, translating all your ideas into beautiful apps

Extended development team

Expand your team with best-in-class experts - incl. Senior Software Engineers and Data Scientists.
We provide dedicated teams of exceptional developers to help innovative companies across the world - on time and on budget.

How we work?

In our work we use methodology based on Agile software development

Iterative and incremental methodology of process management, counted among agile methodologies,  consistent with Agile manifest. Product development is divided into smaller, lasting up to two weeks iterations, called sprints immediately following each other.

Writing code

Technologies we love!

Technologies we deal with daily basis



What Clients say about us

Piotr Adamczyk, CIO

Piotr Adamczyk, CIO

Work Service S.A., Wroclaw, Poland

"Deep learning experts from Stermedia done great job giving us depth analysis of social media (eg. LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, etc.) in terms of search candidates for job, the initial automatic verification data Profile, forecasting changes of job, combining profiles of the same person. "

Peter Kraus, Founder and CEO

Peter Kraus, Founder and CEO


"Stermedia has delivered high-quality software on time and within budget. We are impressed with their software development expertise and eagerness to find the right solution for their clients."

Tommy Lyons, Co-founder

Tommy Lyons, Co-founder


"We are extremely pleased with Stermedia in developing our specialized analytics app. They delivered our product on schedule and on budget."

Wiktor Zak, Product Manager

Wiktor Zak, Product Manager

PKP Informatyka, Warsaw, Poland

"Previous experience in cooperation allows us to evaluate the company Stermedia as a reliable and credible business partner in the field of IT projects. Our cooperation with Stermedia since 2009 brings positive results and effects for PKP."

Guido Markowitch, CEO

Guido Markowitch, CEO

WMC IT Solutions AG, Switzerland

"Stermedia met our expectations, caring for high quality services and understanding our needs."

Thorsten Andersen, CEO

Thorsten Andersen, CEO

IDENTT GmbH Verification Systems, Hamburg, Germany

"During the process of system development, the company has demonstrated a great understanding of the essence of proposed issues. Stermedia engineers selected all components and techniques perfectly, The solution is secure and stable and the final effect gains recognition of our customers who use the system, written by Stermedia."


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