5 January 2021

Stermedia Awarded with the Good Company Statuettes 2020

In 2020 special award of the Lower Silesian Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers was given to Stermedia. We are proud and thankful.
22 December 2020

Merry Christmas Everyone 🎄🎄🎄

Official Stermedia's postcard for the holiday season. We wish Merry Christmas to our coworkers, clients and business parters 🎄🎄🎄
16 October 2020

#TECH_EPISODE_02 | How To Make a Machine Understand Words

How to process a natural language using a computer which doesn’t understand anything but numbers? Read the article to know more.

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4 August 2021

Finding Structure in Raw Data – Introduction to Clustering

What should a big company do with a large pool of customers if it wants to launch a marketing campaign for a new product? Clustering can help.
2 July 2021

8 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence and Automation to Support HR

Read how corporate HR teams, even in smaller organizations, can use automation and AI to improve efficiency and keep up with their work.
24 June 2021

Traditional Industry in the Digital World – Generation 4.0 Conference

Read how Stermedia helps factory managers appreciate changes that are happening thanks to the new technologies.
4 June 2021

Prediction of Potential Errors in the Early Production Process

Read how to create predictive models that provide information about possible problems that can be remedied in a timely manner.
1 June 2021

Car Production Improved with Artificial Intelligence Predictions

Read how we used machine learning to help the global automotive market brand to improve prediction of material consumption.
22 February 2021

#TECH_EPISODE_03 | Dimensionality Reduction – Don’t Confuse Your Model

In the data science field, an increase in problem complexity is called the ‘curse of dimensionality.’ How to make the right choice with AI?
3 February 2021

How Integrating A Chatbot To Your Website Will Turnaround Your Business

Automation using chatbots can make your business simpler and more accessible than before. Read more about the benefits.
28 January 2021

Smart Ways to Improve the Recruitment Management System

Read about dynamically changing HR industry wanting constantly improve the recruitment process. Check how to be a step ahead the competitors.
26 January 2021

Lightning Talks: Text Algorithms and Streamlit

We shared knowledge about artificial intelligence. Read about the first workshop in the 'Lightning Talks' series.